woman sitting


Class of 2023

“The structure is excellent,
the place is clean, the classes are excellent.”

“The program is straightforward and what is expected of me.
It is structured and I am treated with respect and dignity.”

“New Hope Manor has a great staff.”

“[The program] has made me grow.
I look at things differently now and I feel more confident now.”

“Having licensed psychotherapist to help with mental problems
gives a much better chance to work through our problems and gives us a huge advantage upon leaving the program because most programs only have counsellors, which isn’t bad but therapists have a deeper understanding of our brains and better tools!”

“The classes and other programs are excellent.
Me attending all of them has taught me the understanding my disease and encouraging new ways of life.”

“Groups are fun and helpful;
help expand your mind. Staff is friendly and approachable and sensitive to your needs.”

“I believe NHM has given me the space and time I need to recreate my life
and begin my journey of sobriety on the right foot. It has been a truly valuable and life changing experience I would not trade for anything.”

“New Hope Manor is helping me to build the strength I have inside me to do the right thing.
NHM helps me see that I do deserve to be happy and be sober. NHM made me see that there is happiness out there if I just don’t pick up!!”

“Physically, emotionally, and mentally [New Hope Manor] are here for us and very supportive.
The groups, classes, sessions, counseling, and counselors are excellent.”

“I love this program; I don’t think anything should change staff are great.”

“Thank you for helping me grow into the authentic beautiful women I am,
gaining long-term sobriety, self-esteem, confidence, self-worth. For insight into my achievements. For bringing life back into my world. For saving lives.”

“One-on-one the program is amazing. I have changed tremendously.”

“Staff overall is amazing.
This is the best program I have been to, enriched with the most information that is useful to my recovery. Thank you NHM.”

“It’s a great way for women they have gone through traumatic experience
to get away safely and professional work on themselves. Thank you!”

“I think it is a wonderful program that has brought me much hope
and has brought me gifts of life I never thought I’d receive or come to believe was possible. I will take the things I have learned with me for the rest of my life, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Overall, I love this program, I didn’t at first but it definitely grew on me and the staff!
I’m truthfully forever GRATEFUL to the staff and this program! It works if you work it and if you want it! This program and the staff has saved me and has given me a new life and a new way to live and a fresh outlook on not just life/ the world. But in myself as well!”

“I really feel like I’m getting the help I deserve here at New Hope Manor!
Thank you to all the staff for always being there when I need them!”

“I had a great experience here.
It was hard at first but with the support of the staff I came around. I would recommend NHM to anyone who is struggling with addiction.”

“I appreciate everything the staff has done for me and helping to save my life.”

“This place saved my life and gave me a second chance.”

New Hope Manor provides me with external resources and education with workforce information.
They keep the program somewhat fair and give us things to work towards- goal setting, giving us something to lose. It also helps build confidence. It’s positive having the privilege to go to the temple on Sundays and being part of an outside community. Providing spiritual info/ opportunities with groups (Dharma, meditation, spirituality). Showing that there are options other than traditional teachings. New Hope Manor balances classes, not having to have recovery shoved down your throat all day. They aid me in finding new personal hobbies too. Having the opportunity to volunteer outside of the building helps build trust with the program, gives me a sense of responsibility. Allowing or somewhat “slow integration” into the outside world (going to court with parents, medical appointments, volunteering) is a benefit of this program. They have attentive and caring staff. Even the little things matter. Being open to listen to our needs and changing things to help the program. Our voices matter, we are heard. Respecting personal time/ hobbies. Family oriented staff and environment. New work floor arrangements also give a sense of responsibility which is needed to obtain work when you leave. Thanks for listening to us, NHM.”

“Your program is meeting my needs and giving me the tools
of what I need for my addiction in order to stay clean. I am learning a lot about myself.”

“Staff is very helpful when I am in need of something any problems are resolved in a timely manner.
My counselor is and has been very helpful! Everyone has made me feel very welcome and at home.”

“Classes are very informative and help with life skills.
Great access to therapists/ counselors, someone to talk to when needed.”

“I enjoy the variety of classes offered. I also appreciate the focus on spirituality.”

“The program has been meeting my individual needs.
My new spirituality has been easily available by staff allowing me to have the time. New Hope is saving my life.”

“I had a great experience here;
I feel there is a good sense of community, and it was very easy to feel part of.”

“I think the amount of support and encouragement is strongly there.
They do try to accommodate for everyone.”

“Everyone mostly is helping me get through my rough days.
I’m learning new skills and applying them to life. I found myself again. I am truly growing; this is a good program.”

“Staff is amazing and always here to help me.”

“NHM is doing well at bringing women together and learning recovery.”

“I’m thankful for coming to NHM! I would not have succeeded without coming to NHM!”

“I enjoy the variety and activities I’m exposed to in NHM.
Everyone has been very welcoming, and the groups keep me very in tune.”

“It has completely changed the person I was before.”

“The staff is respectful and easy to talk to, they are helpful. I am learning a lot being here in the short amount of time that I’ve been here so far.”

“New Hope Manor provides a compassionate, safe environment to help with early recovery.”

“I’m glad to have chosen this program
and been able to have had this wonderful and unique experience.”

“Thank you for helping me find myself. I owe my life to this program.”