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Poughkeepsie, New York

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Reintegration services provide a community-living experience to women in a 10-bedroom home located in Poughkeepsie, New York. This element of care is designed for women who are transitioning to long term recovery from substance use disorder and independent living in the community. Residents live in a supportive and healthy environment as they pursue jobs and/or educational goals and attend outpatient services. Individual and group counseling is offered on-site and residents have the opportunity to participate in a range of services including but not limited to vocational assessment, job skills training, social skills training, and community living skills.


Reintegration Program Features

  • Nursing and counseling oversight for medication management
  • Referrals and coordination for primary care, psychiatry, therapy and outpatient treatment, case-management, peer advocacy and other healthcare services.
  • Vocational counseling and preparation including resume building, job-search guidance, referral to “Dress for Success,” and ACCESS-VR
  • Referrals and assistance with applications for housing programs (SPOA, low-income housing, MHA housing program)
  • Individual and family counseling sessions, with a person-centered approach to work toward each patient’s goals
  • Guidance, psychoeducation and support for parenting and pregnant women entering treatment
  • Psycho-educational, therapeutic arts and psychotherapy groups
  • Spiritual development with transportation provided (when available) to local places of worship and self-help groups
  • Opportunities to develop healthy hobbies and participate in recreation including on-site wellness, crafts and group activities
  • Individualized treatment planning: cognitive, motivational, research-based treatment with a focus on changing thinking, feelings, and habits
  • Financial guidance, with weekly monitoring of spending, savings and progress toward financial goals
  • 24-hour staff supervised, empathic and supportive environment with a home-like atmosphere
  • Healthy, diet-customized food options for meals
  • Case management to community resources based upon the needs of everyone
  • Pregnant women and parenting women with children under the age of three are eligible to bring their children into the program with them; children will access daycare in the local community