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Stabilization & Rehabilitation

Barryville, New York

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New Hope Manor in Barryville, NY is a residential 53-bed facility featuring the Stabilization and Rehabilitation elements of care. Our skilled and caring staff provide a patient-centered care model where women are educated on the comprehensive array of available treatment options and involved in making informed choices regarding medication and behavioral approaches to treatment. Women-specific, trauma-informed programming is offered to all patients. New Hope Manor provides a home-like, safe, collaborative, and supportive environment where women can maintain sobriety while working on self-identified goals.


This element of care is designed for women in need of Stabilization of mild withdrawal symptoms, severe cravings, and medical and psychiatric symptoms before transitioning to the more intensive and structured rehabilitation element of care. Services include but are not limited to medically supervised withdrawal, individual counseling, patient development of coping skills to manage triggers and cravings and modified scheduling as needed. Patients on Stabilization will follow the meal, snack, and medication distribution house schedule. Women who meet Stabilization criteria do not need hospitalization and can begin to treat their substance use disorder in a safe medically supervised environment that also provides clinical support and psychoeducation. Treatment is individualized based on a comprehensive evaluation giving patients the option to participate in programming as tolerated. Treatment planning is completed weekly on this level of care. Stabilization treatment plans focus on patients’ daily living skills and assessing the ability to increase level of engagement in treatment. Upon completion of the Stabilization track, the goal is for the patient to begin their “Journey to Self-Realization” on the Rehabilitation track.

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Rehabilitation at New Hope Manor offers women a safe and supportive environment as they progress on their Journey to Self-Realization, leading to the goal to maintain long term recovery. The Rehabilitation element of care offers women daily intensive clinical treatment. This can include group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, individual and group psychotherapy, meeting with our onsite medical professionals, group psychoeducation and more. Our program is designed to promote greater self-awareness, self-respect, and self-worth, as well as a better ability to care for oneself and to enter into positive relationships with others.

The staff at New Hope Manor recognize that every individual’s path to recovery is different. This belief is reflected here, as every woman has a voice in choosing her own personal recovery goals and relevant recovery and vocational groups.

Through integrating educational and vocational programing into treatment, we strive to empower each woman to become financially self-sufficient upon reentering the community. We offer reintegration services at our location in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Each woman’s stay is unique and can vary significantly based on individual goals. The staff at New Hope Manor respect the dignity and uniqueness of each woman who seeks our help, and we strive to enhance the personal growth and development of the women we serve.


Stabilization & Rehabilitation Program Features

  • Medically supervised withdrawal services for mild-moderate symptoms
  • Intensive therapy with a focus on the whole person (emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual)
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Mother & Infant Program for parenting and for pregnant women entering treatment
  • Licensed children’s resource room
  • Psycho-educational and psychotherapy groups
  • Individual and group vocational counseling
  • NYS Peer Advocate Certification and American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certifications
  • TASC preparation
  • Spiritual development with transportation provided to local places of worship
  • Opportunities to develop healthy hobbies and participate in recreation including an on-site fitness room, craft room, and pool
  • Individualized treatment planning: cognitive, motivational, research-based treatment with a focus on changing thinking, feelings, and habits
  • 24-hour staff supervised non-confrontational environment with a home-like atmosphere
  • Healthy, diet-customized meals
  • Coordination of healthcare services, including physical and mental health