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Our Mission

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Since coming to New Hope Manor, I faced many obstacles, faced many challenges but overall, I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence back, worked on myself to be a better version of me. I have gained clean time. I’m very proud of this, this place has always been there to support me in difficult times. Today I’m proud to say that I’ve been a resident at New Hope Manor.”

Our Mission

New Hope Manor is a community of people pledged to respond to the needs of women who are alienated through the use of chemical substances. This is done through a process of reconciliation, which endeavors to empower each woman to achieve oneness within herself, with other persons in community, with her environment, and with her sources of spiritual strength.

Our Vision

To provide innovative support and educational tools to women dehumanized by the drug culture to reclaim their humanity.

Our Values

Philosophy of Treatment

Philosophy of Treatment: The process of treatment is multifaceted and involves self-discovery, self-actualization, and internalization of goals and values supportive of quality sobriety.

We believe in the dignity and uniqueness of every woman who seeks our help, and we treat each client as an individual, rather than a diagnosis. Our therapeutic program offers the opportunity to develop the self-awareness and values necessary for successful self-governance.

We believe that each woman we serve can be responsible for herself by thinking, planning, problem solving, and making informed choices. We believe that she can learn to participate fully in the human experience.