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Maureen’s Success Story


In recovery for 8 years

I attended New Hope Manor for 15 months in 2013. When I decided to reach out to New Hope for help, I had fallen to a new low in my life had hit a new bottom. It is true what they say, you only really hit your bottom when you decide to put the shovel down. Apparently, I liked digging because I did so for 23 years. I was 35 when I arrived at New Hope. By that point in my life, I had spent more time in active addiction than not. I was in a hopeless and desperate place in my life when I first heard about the program. I was living in a dangerous situation, had lost custody of my son, had an open CPS case and no one in my family would speak to me. I had never felt so alone and so hopeless. I was placed on a long waiting list. I was ready to surrender and accept whatever was required of me.  Each day when I woke up, I was shocked, “why am I still alive.”  I wasn’t sure I would even make it to the day a bed became available.

I called New Hope Manor at the expected time only to find out that there was still no bed available. I cried and screamed at God that day. However, my prayers were answered when a couple of days later New Hope called me and said they had a bed. When I got to New Hope, I finally felt safe. The staff and the girls were all amazing. I was ready to face my demons and address things I was always too scared to talk about. I will never forget what my counselor said to me when I opened up. She said, “I am so sorry that happened to you.” It was so simple, yet so impactful. All my walls came tumbling down. I had a lot of hard work to do on myself. I learned to forgive myself and others, change behaviors that no longer served a purpose and acknowledge my shortcomings. We also had a ton of fun. The staff made the holidays and summer special and memorable. Some of my best memories were created at New Hope.


“It is because of New Hope Manor, the staff and amazing girls I met, that today I am alive.”


Classes were available that helped to boost my confidence. All of which helped me to be successful at my job. I learned new hobbies and skills that to this day I still love doing. My counselor helped me improve my self-esteem and self-worth. I finally liked who I was and was no longer ashamed of my past. I rediscovered my faith and reconnected with God. With the help of New Hope I was able to mend my relationships with my family. They saw my growth, hard work and progress. On May 7, 2022 I will celebrate 8 years of sobriety, something I didn’t think was possible. Today, I am a good wife, mother, daughter and sister. I decided to take a career path where I could give back to others the way people gave to me. It only made sense to find a career as a substance use counselor.  I am in a loving and healthy relationship where I am happily married to a wonderful man.  My son is back with me and we all live together as a family. Every day I find gratitude for the things I am lucky enough to have.  Even upon completion of treatment, people were weary of my success, which just made me want to prove my commitment to my sobriety and my family even more. It is because of New Hope Manor, the staff and amazing girls I met, that today I am alive.



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