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Daily Life


New Hope Manor is helping me to learn about myself, who I am and what my core values are. It has helped me to be teachable and open to advice and taking the advice. It has built up my spirituality with praying and meditation and manifesting. It has helped me build up my self-esteem and my self-worth.”

Daily Life at Barryville

Stabilization & Rehab Program

At New Hope Manor, each woman follows her own individual “Journey to Self-Realization.” All clients are treated with kindness, respect and compassion while receiving a client-centered approach to treatment from our supportive clinical team. All clients follow a daily, hourly schedule that is individualized and helps to meet identified goals and objectives. Weekday schedules begin at 7:15am (medication pass, breakfast and morning meeting, workfloor duties) and end at 10pm (lights out.) Between 10am and 4pm on weekdays, clients attend 50-minute therapeutic groups and vocational or educational classes. The weekend schedule in Barryville allows for more flexibility and offers the opportunity for women to focus on building healthy socialization skills by participating in hobbies and various recreational and community activities. On weekends, our clients may participate in the Saturday Night House Meeting, Hobby Sunday, and the Social Committee event of the week (like open-mic night, coffee club, or in-house theatre.)

Additional resources for daily life:

  • Weekly individual therapeutic sessions with assigned primary counselor
  • Caseload weekly group
  • Daily morning meeting
  • Weekly optional evening Bible Study
  • Self-help (AA/NA) meetings
  • Activities of daily living and work floor assignments
  • Individual and group psychotherapy with licensed Social Workers
  • Collaborative monthly treatment planning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Individualized relapse prevention planning
  • Discharge planning: safe housing, outpatient appointments, self-help group listings, medication management plans, mental health appointments, primary care appointments, and legal follow-up appointments as needed

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Daily Life at Poughkeepsie

Reintegration Program

Clients begin their day by getting up, making their bed and tidying their room.  Many clients have a morning routine involving yoga, meditation or affirmations.  They come downstairs for medication and sit in the dining room over a cup of coffee, chatting with peers.  Clients then get ready for the day, which involves attending outpatient groups, going to work and taking care of personal needs, such as running errands.  Clients visit with friends and family on days that they are not working or stay in the house, spending time together, cooking/baking and working on their treatment workbooks and goals.  Clients meet with their primary counselor weekly and with any staff member if they have something on their mind that they want to process.  Clients attend house meeting and psychoeducational or therapeutic groups in the house 2-3 times weekly.  They finish the day by completing their assigned chore, eating dinner together and often attending self-help groups.  They generally relax together in the living room before going up to bed.