Compliance at New Hope Manor

At New Hope Manor, quality care is our #1 priority.

New Hope Manor has developed a Compliance Program with Policies and Procedures and a Code of Conduct to set forth the standards and ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements including OMIG (Office of the Medicaid Inspector General) and OASAS (Office of Addiction Services and Support.) The Compliance Program describes expectations for New Hope Manor employees, contractors, and volunteers, and provides guidance for addressing compliance issues that may arise in the daily course of business. It is the purpose of this Program to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicaid program as well as organize resources to address compliance issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to impose systemic checks and balances to prevent future recurrence of such issues.  All New Hope Manor personnel are responsible for acting consistently with the Medicaid Compliance Program Policies and Procedures and Code of Conduct.

As guided by OMIG, our Program includes the following elements:

ELEMENT 1: Written Policies, Procedures, and Standards of Conduct

ELEMENT 2: Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee

ELEMENT 3: Compliance Program Training and Education

ELEMENT 4: Lines of Communication

ELEMENT 5: Disciplinary Standards

ELEMENT 6: Auditing and Monitoring

ELEMENT 7: Responding to Compliance Issues


Contact Us

The New Hope Manor Compliance Officer is Deborah Konnen.

The Compliance Officer can be reached directly at:

For anonymous compliance reporting, please submit your message directly on this page on via our Compliance Hotline. If you do not include your name or email address using our secure website form, your message will be sent anonymously to our Compliance Officer.

Compliance Hotline: 1-833-481-0531

If you do not wish to report anonymously, or if you would like a response to your message, you may indicate your name and email address on the form or in your voicemail.

All reports are thoroughly investigated.