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Career Opportunities

New Hope Manor is seeking experienced and dedicated professionals to join our team! In most positions, experience in the substance use disorder field is preferred, but not required.

Download our application and send the completed forms along with your current resume and cover letter to: cinnaco@newhopemanor.org

Below, you will find more information for each available position.

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Available Positions

Licensed Social Worker – Full Time

NYS-Licensed LCSW, LMSW, or LMHS to provide psychotherapy services to our clients.

This is a full-time position and sign-on bonus eligible for new employees!
Experience working in the human services field or substance use disorder field is helpful.

We offer a competitive salary and an extensive benefit package including health/dental/vision benefits – some medical benefit plans are no cost to you! Free life insurance; a pension plan through the Archdiocese of New York; a403(b) retirement plan; and at least 28 days of paid time off per year.


Position requirements:

a) provision of intensive, integrated professional substance abuse and mental health services and treatment planning in a clinical and residential environment;

b) provision of professional leadership in the determination of appropriate therapeutic approaches and methods;

c) supervising clinical activities of therapists, students, and/or interns within area of specialty;

d) establishment and maintenance of case files and related documents for clinical and legal purposes.

Duties & Responsibilities include but not limited to:

· Assists with interdisciplinary team with treatment planning.

· Provides therapeutic crisis intervention and emergency services as required.

· Collects data about patients through interview, case history, psychological tests, and/or observational techniques; evaluates data to identify causes of problems and to determine proper therapeutic approach.

· Provides and/or arranges for therapeutic interventions as appropriate for patients or clients in a crisis condition and for those with serious disturbance problems.

· Follows up to determine reliability of treatment used; changes method and degree of therapy when indicated.

· Establishes and maintains case files and progress notes

· Group psychotherapy up to 5 sessions per week.

· Maintain a caseload, providing individual psychotherapy 50 minutes in duration for each client.


Driver – Part Time

As a part-time driver, there is no set shift; hours will vary weekly, some with short notice. You will be paid at a minimum of 2-hours per drive, even if the drive is less than that amount.

Typically, rides are short for client drop-off or pick-up to/at local destinations. However, the driver may also be called upon for regional drives for other appointments or discharges.


Responsibilities include transporting our clients to and from various appointments, such as:

  • Medical Appointments
  • Court Appointments
  • Places of Worship (drop off, pick up, on Sundays)
  • Discharge Destinations (anywhere in New York State)

Driver Requirements:

  • Must have a valid Driver’s License and a clean driving record
  • Must be comfortable driving long distances; many appointments are local but some can be as far as a couple of hours away
  • Must be able to adhere to only professional conversation and healthy boundaries while transporting clients
  • Must use a company vehicle for trips
  • Must pass a drug test, including Marijuana, to be eligible for employment