Barryville, NY Facility

building with red roof and side walks

About the Barryville Facility

Our Barryville site is a 53-bed long-term care facility accepting women from all over New York State. Barryville is located in Western Sullivan County, situated on the historic Delaware River. In its prime, the Upper Delaware River area was a mecca for retreating from city life, and in our program, ideal for retreating from our patients’ substance use environments. The residence sits on 100-acres of beautiful property, complete with an in-ground swimming pool, basketball court, and nature trails.

This location offers women a variable length-stay stabilization and rehabilitation program designed to meet the unique needs of each woman we serve, including those with mild-moderate withdrawal symptoms, in a supervised environment. Our unique program is designed for women, pregnant women, and women with children (up to three years old.) Women participate in work floor, take vocational classes, attend group therapy, and other activities while living at the Barryville center.