For Admissions questions, please contact:
Lia Dilles, Admissions Coordinator at or (845) 557-8353 x 310

Referrals for admission should be faxed to:
Admissions Department at (845) 557-3541


Lia, you will always be a part of the journey that got me well and taught me structure. You and the NHM staff hold that place up like steel, you specifically are so involved with the clients, on tons of levels, and the process we all needed to settle into. You’re basically superwoman!! Each and every one of you have left me with something to keep and remember. Thank you!!”

Welcome to New Hope Manor

Women who come to New Hope Manor may be in a state of crisis and are in need of support services and appropriate housing if they wish to achieve success in their recovery.  All patients entering the program have a similar destination, however, each patient has their own story.  Patients will have individualized schedules and personal treatment plan objectives.  Regardless of their recovery goals, New Hope Manor supports each woman according to her own life circumstances, targets, and vision for the future.

Referral Proccess

Our admissions department welcomes requests directly from potential patients, from concerned family members, loved ones, and/or from referral agencies such as detoxification units, outpatient clinics, inpatient rehabilitation programs, correctional facilities, etc. Once all documents are received by the Admissions Department, a phone screen will be scheduled with the potential new patient. Once the phone screen is completed, the patient’s file is reviewed by the clinical department, medical department, and financial department to ensure we can meet their needs in all aspects of care.  If the patient is appropriate for this facility, the file is approved and a bed date will be scheduled for admission.

The following documents are needed to start a referral:

  • Copies of Identification & Insurance Card
  • Bio Psychosocial or Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medical History
  • Physical
  • List of Current Medications
  • Toxicology Screen
  • Intradermal PPD results
  • COVID-19 test negative test result
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable)
  • CBC with Differential
  • CMPComplete Metabolic Panel
  • UA with Microscopic
  • If pregnant, please provide Prenatal Records
  • Mandate Letter (if applicable)
  • NYSID Consent Form (if applicable)

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Upon Arrival

New patients will be greeted upon arrival by our Admissions Coordinator, Lia.  A toxicology will be completed, and patients are searched and changed into NHM scrubs.  A clothing and belongings allotment is then completed, and clothing is washed. Patients will then spend some time with admissions, completing their intake, signing multiple on-going consents such as, emergency contacts and support consents, legal consents (if necessary), program rules, rights, and regulations, medical and financial consents, etc. Patients will then meet with our Clinical Supervisor, Lacy, for a brief meet and greet appropriate determination of level of care. Patients will meet with their assigned Social Worker for a mental health assessment as well as with nursing for a medical assessment.  Patients are then paired up with their assigned ‘big sister’.  A big sister is a positive patient who is progressing well in Program and who shows leadership qualities in the community.

Program Information

New Hope Manor is a Residential Substance Use Disorder treatment facility serving women who come to us from anywhere in New York State. We are located in Barryville, New York; Barryville is an quaint cozy town in Sullivan County, nestled between evergreens and alongside the Delaware River. We are the highest level of care and therefore, we are a structured long-term program. Our program is very individualized and length of stay varies from person to person; the average length of stay is 9-12 months.

Upon entry, all new patients are assigned a counselor as well as a social worker that they will meet with for weekly one on one sessions throughout their stay. Shortly after admission, patients will meet with our vocational coordinator to see what groups are offered and a schedule will be made of groups that will be most beneficial to the patient. Groups are facilitated Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm with meal/snack breaks, recreational time, etc.

Cellphones are not permitted.  Weekly phone calls will start being assigned 30 days after admission. Patients with children will be assigned weekly child calls upon admission.

New Hope Manor is a non-smoking Program; smoking and vaping is not permitted, and clients will be given the option of the Nicotine Patch.

Allotment Agreement

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If a client is planning on having their infant/toddler join them in treatment, please provide:

  • Medical Records (History & Physical)
  • Proof of Shots & Immunizations
  • Medicaid & Insurance Card (to be copied)
  • Birth Certificate (to be copied)
  • Social Security Card (to be copied)
  • WIC Information