*You may not substitute clothing categories*

Please initial all of your clothing

Due to limited space, please bring only the following items with you:

    * 1 dress-up outfit (ex: Skirt/Sweater, dress, pantsuit, dress pants/blouse)

    * 4 Pairs Bottoms (Total)- Pants, Shorts, Skirts, leggings.

        - Do not bring pants that have holes in them

    * 7 Tops (Total)- Shirts, Sweaters, Cardigans

    * 2 Undershirts (Camis/Tanks)

    * 3 Gym outfits for recreation (ex: Gym pants, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts)

    * 1 Sweater, Sweatshirt (No Hood)

    * 1 Bathrobe

    * 2 Towels & 2 Washcloths

    * 2 Pajamas or Nightgowns

    * 1 Pair of slippers

    * 1 Pair of dress shoes (3 inch max)

    * 1 Pair of flip flops (for the pool)

    * 1 Pair of Casual Shoes

       - Suggestion: Sandals, boots.

    * 1 Pair of sneakers

    * 10 Pairs of Underwear, 10 Pairs of Socks & 4 Bras

  1. *1 Piece bathing suit (may be a tankini)

You may bring in any new, unopened hygiene products of your choice that are alcohol free.  If you do not have hygiene products available to you they will be provided to you at no cost.

All clothing items must be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Please carry your documents separately from your clothing for easy access at admission.

Please Note:

  1. *Please bring a re-fillable water bottle. Must be new & un-opened.

  2. *You may bring up to 3 books of your choice, we have a library with additional books you may borrow, and you may switch your personal books as you choose.

  3. *You may have journals, notebooks & cards; but they must be blank.

  4. *You may bring money but it will be put into a personal account & will not be kept on you

  5. *You may bring pictures of your children.

  6. *You may have curling irons & straighteners but they will have to be labeled & handed in to staff when they are not being used.

  7. Please do not bring expensive or sentimental items.  You will be provided with a personal locker and closet that locks, but we cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items.


  1. * 30 Day supply of any medications you are currently taking(or prescriptions)

  2. * Personal ID such as Social Security Card, Birth Certificate & Driver’s License.

  3. * Medicaid and/or Insurance Card.

  4. *Addresses & phone numbers for consent of probation, immediate family, CPS, foster care, courts, etc.


  1. * Electronics (ex: iPod, cell phones, tablets, CD players, any portable music device)

  2. * Spray Cans

  3. * Items containing alcohol.

  4. * Scented oils

  5. * Leather pants or tops

  6. * Bandanas

  7. * Food of any kind, including gum

  8. * Halter or tube tops

  9. * Pocketbooks/wallets will be kept in storage

  10. * Credit cards

  11. * Cigarettes and/or any smoking paraphernalia

  12. * Please do not bring a laundry basket as there is limited space in the bedrooms. You will be given a laundry bag upon admission.